"You want to free the mages. Let's say you do, but to get there, you kill a bunch of innocent people. What about them? Don't they then deserve justice? And then what? Where does it end? It's like a bar brawl; people are continuously pulled into the fray and nobody remembers why it started. Justice is an idea. It makes sense in a world of ideas, but not in our world."

Kama | 19 | They/Them



qui ck take it before i find some minor mistake and delete the whole thing

hooooly shit year walk is such a gorgeous game i’m so fucked up over this game rn


That time Ymir kicked a titan out of a castle window

*reblogs my own post 30 times* validate me


dragon age: inquisition — character creation, x


DRAGON AGE™: INQUISITION Gameplay Feature – Character Creation

Join us for a first look at the Dragon Age: Inquisition character creation tool. In case you missed it - what will your Inquisitor look like? #MyInquisition

Video shows male dwarf and human, and female elf, human and qunari.

[watch it on YouTube]

maybe i should do school work or go to sleep or something Responsible™ but markiplier has THREE VIDEOS up for neverending nightmares and i’ve been waiting to watch his lets play of this game since he played the demo last year sooooooo

my favorite activity is flushing my future down the toilet

like one of my older brothers has a steady job and is going back to school to get a degree and my other older brother has his own apartment w his significant other and is going to college and my older sister is happily married with a baby daughter and another kid on the way and my little sister is readjusting to going back to school & she’s doing well and acclimatizing quickly and here i am the nineteen year-old loser who’s dropped out of high school twice and is on the verge of dropping out a third time w mountains of mental health issues and no job or friends. i’m so fucking pathetic and i never do anything about it and i’m just gonna be the big family fuck up congratulations to me.